The Chez syndicated on various EV websites

Charles Morris spotted of video of The Chez during its first use of a public charging station last year. At the time, the CitiCar was using a few trickle chargers when it still had lead acid batteries. Since it was parked next to a Tesla, it caught a lot of attention. They posted an article about CitiCar’s in general and and embedded my video to show that “a few may even be plying the roads somewhere.” (C. Morris, 2021) on EVANNEX®, which in turn was picked up and syndicated on both CleanTechnica and InsideEVs.

My Video on YouTube

CitiCar at EV charging station, Lewis Moten, September 15, 2020
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TitleCitiCar at EV charging station
AuthorLewis Moten
DateSeptember 15, 2020
LocationTesla Destination Charger, Front Roya, Virginia


Charles Morris, EVANNEX®, September 30, 2021
TitleLong before Tesla, there was another legendary electric car back in the 1970s
News SectionTesla
TagsCitiCar, Electric Vehicles, Tesla
AuthorCharles Morris
DateSeptember 30, 2021
SourcesThe Next Web, Classic Car History


Charles Morris, CleanTechnica, September 30, 2021
TitleThe Legendary Electric Car From The 1970s That Lead US Electric Car Sales Until Tesla Came Along
SubtitleHere’s some good electric classic car history for you.
AuthorCharles Morris (Guest Contributor)
DateSeptember 30, 2021
Originally PostedEVANNEX


CitiCar “The Chez” featured on InsideEVs, Charles Morris, September 30, 2021
TitleLong Before Tesla, In The 1970s, There Was Another Legendary EV
SubtitleYes, EVs date back much further than some people realize.
AuthorCharles Morris
DateSeptember 30, 2021 at 9:27am ET
Originally PostedEVANNEX


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