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Stock Radials

After having the extra set of tires that came with the car mounted, I noticed the CitiCar had a much smoother ride with radial tires. Unfortunately, I could hear them rub as I turned into my driveway while the car experienced a little bump.

It was time that I get serious and invest in the stock size that the car was intended to operate with. The consumer information 1976 CitiCar sheet that the original dealer provided with the CitiCar had recommended tire sizes of 4.80×12 inches and 125-SR12-ZX. My current tires (155/80R12 77T) are an inch too wide. They are a bit larger in diameter as well. One of the members on a CitiCar and Comuta-Car group had just gotten some tires for his car recently, and I went ahead and ordered the same set for myself.

New tires arrived for the CitiCar

I got a set of Michelin X 125R12 (SKU: 51198) from Coker Tire

It didn’t take long before I noticed they arrived at my doorstep while I was leaving the house. It felt like Christmas looking at those wreaths. I stored them in the garage for a few days until I was ready to get them mounted.

The big day came. The tires were small enough that I was able to fit all of them in the back of the cheese mobile. I drove over to Advanced New & Used Tires and they were able to work on the car as soon as I got there.

We talked a bit about the car regarding its history, maintenance, and its value regarding costs as a hobby versus the actual value someone would pay. I think he may have been considering purchasing the CitiCar, but I made it clear that it wasn’t for sale.

It wasn’t long before they were done mounting the new tires, and they knocked $20 off for coming back so soon. My garage is now storing two sets of unused tires.

I no longer hear rubbing when turning into my driveway, and the tires are still smoother than the original tires that came on the car.

Label on side of CitiCar dash with
Gross vehicle weight rating
and gross axle weight rating

One thing I noticed is that the maximum load weight is lower than the original tires, and previous set of tires. I had some concerns until I checked for the vehicles gross vehicle weight rating, and the calculated the sum of all tires.

Since the vehicles gross vehicle weight is less than the four tires combined. The sticker on the side of the dash indicates the front axle can support 750 lbs, and the rear supports 1000 lbs. My new tires can support both axles at their maximum weight load.

I’m assuming it’s fine. Also related to the weight of the car, lead acid batteries weight a lot. I believe around 600 lbs. I’m only using roughly half the battery capacity as the ones that originally came with the car. I’ll later be replacing the lead acid batteries with some lithium batteries I’ve purchased as well, which is even more lighter.

TiresSpeed RatingMax PSIMax LoadTotal Max Load
OriginalB: 31 mph60780 lbs3,120 lbs
Extra SetT: 118 mph44908 lbs3,632 lbs
New TiresS: 112 mph51584 lbs2,336 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight1,800 lbs
Each set of tire statistics against the vehicle itself for comparison

I had started keeping a better track of charging time and voltages on the last trip. Based on the number of miles driven, I estimated that it would take eight hours to charge, and set an alarm for an hour earlier. Much to my surprise, the batteries were fully charged when the alarm went off.

Advanced New & Used Tires1,086.62.4
CitiCar odometer readings for a round trip to Advanced New & Used Tires
RatekWh9.85¢0.66 mph
Total1.31 kWh13.3¢07:09
Per Mile279 Wh2.8¢01:31
Cost to recharge the CitiCar batteries