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1977 Magazines

Popular Mechanics March 1977 Cover
Popular Mechanics March 1977 article “PM Owners Report: Electric Cars” by Michael Lamm
MagazinePopular Mechanics
PublishedMarch 1977
TitlePM Owners Report: Electric Cars
AuthorMichael Lamm
NotesBoth positive and negative feedback. 95.4% of 1,000 owners had CitiCars. Includes a summary of statistical feedback. The rest owned Elcars.
Although writer is in west coast and CitiCar in photo has CA license plates, the only states with feedback were from FL, MI, GA, IL, OR, TX. Out of 1,000 owners replying (2,200 ever made), it seems there should be many people in CA responding. Some owner responses listed in the article mention other unlisted states such as VA, MN, KY, TN, NM, NC CO, and Rio Grande do Norte, etc.
Report of Citicar being struck in the corner, spun around, and rolled over with a cup of battery acid escaping.
Popular Mechanics March 1977 article “Homebuilts and conversions” by Michael Lamm & Robert Lund
MagazinePopular Mechanics
PublishedMarch 1977
TitleHomebuilts and conversions
AuthorsMichael Lamm, Robert Lund
Pages93, 137
NotesNothing specific about the CitiCar, but follows the article by the same author about them. It’s included for historical context mentioning homebuilt electric cars, some of the technology such as parallel switching for controlling speeds, the Electric Auto Association (EAA), the NY Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), competition from Japan, and Public Law 94-1048, the “Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research, Development and Demonstration Act of 1976”.
Car and Driver November 1977 cover
Car and Driver November 1977 article “Sebring Vanguard Citicar” by Terry Cook
MagazineCar and Driver
PublishedNovember 1977
TitleSebring Vanguard Citicar
AuthorTerry Cook

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