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A Nobody Gives Hell To Everybody Dust Cover
BookA Nobody Gives Hell To Everybody
PublisherVintage Press, New York, NY
AuthorRobert L. Balfour
NotesThis book was published prior to the CitiCar and contains no material related to them. This book is included because the author is a significant figure in the CitiCar’s history, being the Vice President Sales Manager at Sebring-Vanguard, and Vice President of Club Car Golf Co. This book has also been found to be mentioned often in various resources.
Wind / Solar Energy Cover
Wind / Solar Energy Pages 133-135
BookWind / Solar Energy
for Radiocommunications and Low-Power Electronic/Electric Applications
PublisherHoward W. Sams & Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
AuthorEdward M. Noll
SectionChapter 3: Batteries, Inverters, and Electric Autos
HeadingThe Electric Auto
Page133-135 of 208
NotesPhoto of a CitiCar parked next to two others in the background, and a close-up view of the on-board Lester battery charger. Contains a table of the CitiCar specifications. Cost is estimated at 1-2¢ per mile, and battery replacement bringing cost up to 4-6¢/mile
Auto Engines of Tomorrow, dust jacket
Auto Engines of Tomorrow, pages 62-63, 80
BookAuto Engines of Tomorrow: Power alternatives for cars to come
PublisherIndiana University Press, Bloomington & London
AuthorHarris Edward Dark
Chapter3: The Motor That Could; the Battery That Couldn’t
Page62-63, 80 of 180
NotesMentions CitiCar was displayed at the 1974 Electric Vehicle Symposium in Washington, D.C., an exemption from NHTSA. Also mentions the CitiCar was one of five road-ready EV’s considered by the General Services Administration in 1973.
Marketing Management Strategies & Cases 1978 Cover
Marketing Management: Strategies & Cases, Pages 36-65
BookMarketing Management: Strategies & Cases
PublisherCharles E. Merrill Company
EditorsM. Wayne DeLozier, Arch G. Woodside
Case Number2
Case NameSebring-Vanguard, Inc.: The CitiCar
Case AuthorsJames E. Williams and Frederick E. Webster, Jr.
Dartmouth College
Pages36-65 of 838
NotesCase was for a classroom discussion from Trustees of Dartmouth College
Contains promotional materials from Sebring-Vanguard for potential customers, company financial information, Dealer communications, an owner survey, and the article from Consumer Reports, October 1975.
Standard catalog of American Cars 1976-1986,1989, Cover
Standard catalog of American Cars 1976-1986,1989, Pages 416 and 418
BookStandard catalog of American Cars 1976-1986
PublisherKrause Publications, Inc.
AuthorJames M. Flammang
Pages416 – CitiCar
418 – Comuta-Car
422 – Elcar historical note regarding citicar
Why Wait for Detroit, January 1991, Cover
Why Wait for Detroit, January 1991, Pages 6, 39, 65, 146, 151, and 185
BookWhy Wait for Detroit: Drive the Car of the Future Today!
PublisherSouth Florida Electric Auto Association; 1st edition
PublishedJanuary 1, 1991
AuthorS. McCrea
Pages6, 29, 65, 146, 151, and 185 of 210
NotesNo articles mentioning the cars directly, but photos found throughout the book of CitiCars and Postal Comuta-Vans. One of the CitiCars is charged by photovoltaic panels.
Why Wait for Detroit, January 1, 1992, Cover
Why Wait for Detroit, The EV Experience, January 1992, Pages 10-12
BookWhy Wait for Detroit: Drive An Electric Car Today!
PublisherSouth Florida Electric Auto Association; 2nd edition
PublishedJanuary 1, 1992
AuthorsMichael Hackleman, Robert Beaumont, David Goldstein, Joseph LaStella, Joe Stevenson, Shari Prange, Bill Williams, Paul Brasch, Bob Batson, Mike Brown, Fred Daniel, Jim Tervort, Jay Harris, Ken Koch, Jim Treacmmmy
Pages10-12, 18, 43, 53, 57-58, 86, 101, 107, 150 of 160
ISBN1-879857-92-02 (printed)
1-879857-02-2 (correction)
NotesA few articles mentioning the CitiCar, as well as an article regarding the experience of getting a CitiCar emission inspection. Robert Beaumont, president of Sebring-Vanguard listed as an author.
The Lost Cord, January 1995, Cover
BookThe Lost Cord: The Story Tellers History of the Electric Car
PublisherGreyden Press
PublishedJanuary 1995
AuthorBarbara Elizabeth Taylor
NotesThis is the prized book that most C-Car enthusiasts will seek out. The entire book is dedicated to telling a story around the CitiCar, the history of electric vehicles, and the auto-industry in general. It’s no longer in print, difficult to find, and often fetches a very high price.
Cover of Electric and Hybrid Cars, A History
Electric and Hybrid Cars, A A History – Page 47
BookElectric and Hybrid Cars, A History
PublisherMcFarland & Company, Inc.
Chapter1: The Evolution of the Electric Vehicle
AuthorsJudy Anderson and Curtis D. Anderson
Page47 of 189
NotesBrief mention of Sebring/Vanguard CitiCar being the only American firm producing electric cars on a manufacturing line, brakes failing in a Consumer Reports review, and production ending in 1977.
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Second Edition 2009 Cover
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Second Edition 2009, Pages 45, 48-49
BookBuild Your Own Electric Vehicle
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Chapter3: Electric Vehicle History
Headings1: The Timeline of Electric Cars
2: After 1973: Phoenix Rising, Quickly
3: Independent EV Manufacturers Rise and Fall
AuthorsSeth Leitman and Bob Brant
Pages45, 48-49 of 329
NotesSebring/Vanguard CitiCar appears on the chronological summary of electric vehicles’ development waves from the 1960s to the early 1990s. It’s noted that Sebring/Vanguard was the first company making EV’s in 1974, popular, and sold everything it manufactured. Owners were fiercely loyal and its acknowledged that due to it being well built, many are still driving on the road today.
Dictionary of Energy Cover
Dictionary of Energy, page 89
BookDictionary of Energy
WordsCitiCar, ComutaCar
AuthorsCutler J. Cleveland and Christopher Morris
Pages89 & 104 of 581
NotesCitiCar listed on page 89. ComutaCar on page 105 redirects to CitiCar.
Renewable Energy, cover
Renewable Energy, page 54
BookRenewable Energy: Sources and Methods
PublisherFacts On File, Inc.
AuthorAnne Maczulak, Ph.D.
Chapter3: Gasoline Alternative Vehicles
Page54 of 206
NotesSebring-Vanguard CitiCar appears in a table displaying the evolution of alternative vehicles.
Farmstead Chef, September 2011, Cover
Farmstead Chef, September 2011, “Back to the Land: Maple Trees and Mentoring” Pages 151-152
BookFarmstead Chef
PublisherNew Society Publishers
PublishedSeptember 1, 2011
SectionMain Dishes
Kitchen Table Talk
Back to the Land: Maple Trees and Mentoring
AuthorsJohn Ivanko, Lisa Kivirist
Pages151-152 of 256
NotesAn off-grid couple restored a CitiCar and recharges it with a 500w solar system. A photo shows the couple by their CitiCar and holding a cake in the shape of a CitiCar.
Lost Car Legends, October 2020, Cover
Lost Car Legends, October 2020, “CitiCar and Comutacar” Pages 36-37
BookLost Car Legends: From Allstate to Zimmer Notable Cars and Stories of America’s Long-Shuttered Independent Auto Makers
PublisherEnthusiast Books
PublishedOctober 27, 2020
SectionCitiCar and Comutacar
AuthorPatrick R. Foster
Pages36-37 of 144
NotesThe author has also written a few articles in Hemmings Classic Car magazine (Dec 2007, and Sep 2018).
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