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Vanguard II Sports Coupe

Designed as a minishort-haul commuter vehicle. Can be used in Airports, College Campuses, Resorts, Retirement Communities, Security Patrols

With a weight of only 980 pounds, importance was focused on staying under 1000 pounds due to regulations.

BreaksHydraulic & Mechanical Breaks on both rear wheels
Cruising Speed26-28 mph
Top speed28 mph
Range40-60 miles
Based on hills and stop & go traffic
Batteries6 lead acid batteries
Battery Capacity4.5 kWh
Cost of a full charge10-21 cents
Time to charge8 hours overnight on a fully depleted battery on a regular 110v socket house power
Length96 inches (8 feet)
Width45.5 inches (3 feet, 9.5 inches)
Wheel Base68 inches (5 feet, 8 inches)
Weight980 pounds
FrameExtruded aluminum I-Beams
BumperExtruded Aluminum I-Beams
BodyTriple-thick fiberglass
Performance0-10 mph in 2.1s
0-15 in 4.5s
0-25 in 11.6s
FeaturesStarts instantly
No clutch. Throttle has three speeds
Can move in reverse
Able to withstand 5 mph impacts
Can operate in freezing temperatures
Comes with a battery charger
Rust and Corrosion proof
Can maneuver more easily than the smallest of ICE vehicles
OptionsCan be fitted with a propane heater for cold climates

MotorWestinghouse and GE Motors
Brand of parts


  • A four-eyed jeep wearing a ten gallon hat
  • a grown-up golf cart
  • micro mini

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