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1972 Newspapers

As Robert Beaumont starts to near mass production of his electric car, newspaper articles reflect on the electrics such as “Queen Victoria” and “The Baker Electric” (aka “The Aristocrat of Motordom”) from 50 years ago when electric cars were on the road.

Vanguard I Electric Sports Coupe Utility Vehicle

Robert G. Beaumont had spent two years and $50,000 designing/promoting an electric car, “Vanguard I”, derived from a golf cart. Club Car Inc (Augusta Georgia) manufactured the car from Beaumont’s designs (from April, 1970). Vanguard Vehicles, Inc. (482 Albany Avenue, Kingston, N.Y.).

A ruling by the Department of Transportation (DOT) that the Vanguard I does not conform to federal safety regulations has delayed the production. A case is pending requesting that DOT create a special classification for low-speed vehicles.

Vanguard II Electric Sports Coupe

A sales drive was launched at the start of October in Washington, D.C. auto show, then Bermuda, and both Tampa and the 2nd Annual South Florida Auto Show in Miami. The utility car also appeared in the 16th annual International Auto Show in New York.

Road tests were being performed in Bermuda . Noise from an increasing number of private vehicles and speeding over 35mph is of great concern. The countries speed limit is 20mph in the country, 15 in congested areas. At the time, only five of the cars had been built.

Robert Beaumont (Hurley/Kingston offices) with his patent placed and over 1,000 orders of the Vanguard Electric car placed an order with Club Car Inc (Augusta, Georgia) to manufacture 1,050 cars for $2.1 million, to begin in January 1973. 50 cars are expected to come off the line in December, and 1,000 in 1973. The expectations are to sell 4,500 cars in 1974 and 10,000 in 1975.

He has plans to setup a sales agency in Florida. The suggested price is $1,986 per car. The car is being marketed to the East Cost in metropolitan areas of New York, Washington, Tampa, Miami, and Bermuda. Bermuda is expected to be the better market with its small size, low speed limit, and visitors complaining about noise and pollution.

PaperThe Kingston Daily Freeman
ArticleElectric Auto Designed Locally
DateFebruary 27, 1972
AuthorJon Power
VehicleVanguard I
NotesVehicle: Vanguard I
Manufacturer: Vanguard Vehicles, Inc.
President: Robert G. Beaumont
Office Address: 482 Albany Avenue, Kingston, NY
Design & Promoting: 2 years, $50k
Built by: Club Car, Inc in Augusta Georgia, April 1970
Speed: 26mph
Range: 40-60 miles
Battery life: 800 charges, 20,000 miles
Weight: 1,190 pounds
Materials: Aluminum and fiberglass
Price: $2,286
Purpose: Low speed limited travel as a “second car”
Delayed production due to ruling by department of transportation conforming to federal safety regulations.
Body cannot rust
Low maintenance costs
Value will not depreciate fast
Not focused on profit
Solves noise, pollution, congestion, and energy problems

Vanguard I Sport Coupe Manufactured

  • February 27, 1972 (B) Kingston Vehicle in Coliseum Show, The Kingston Daily Freeman, page 3
  • March 24, 1972 Electric Cars Spark 16th Auto Show, The Herald Statesman, page 24
  • March 26, 1972 All Kinds of Folks: All Kinds of Autos, The Sunday Home News, page B10

16th Annual International Auto Show

Nine days in New York Coliseum from April 1st to 10th, 1972

The Vanguard I, a utility car, is on display.

Reported by Miles. A. Smith of the Associated Press

  • [AP] April 1, 1972
    • A: Eye-Opener Cars in Show, San Antonio Express/News, page 7-D
    • B: Latest Cars of the Future Line Up for Inspection, The Kansas City Star, page 5A
    • C: Mazda’s rotary-engine car stars in the International Auto Show, The Herald-News, page 6
    • D: Imports steal N.Y. auto show, Independent Press-Telegram, page A-4
    • E: New And Exotic Cars Unveiled, Intelligencer Journal, page 16
    • F: Revolutionary Engines Highlight Auto Show, The Odessa American, page 5-B
    • G: Auto Show Displays Many Eye-Openers, The Shreveport Times, page 5-C
    • H: Imports Hold Auto Fair Eye, Austin American-Statesman, page 16
    • I: Auto show to provide several eye-openers, The Baltimore Sun, page B7
    • J: Imports Dominate Automobile Show, The Daily Oklahoman, page 16
    • K: Imports Big at Auto Show, Oakland Tribune, page 11-E
    • L: Imports Dominating Annual Auto Exhibition, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, page A-3
    • M: Imports Dominate Annual Auto Show, The Morning Call, page 24
    • N: Rotary-Engine Models Shown, Springfield Daily News, page 6
    • O: Many New Models In Auto Show, The Times Record, page 9
  • [AP] April 2, 1972
    • A: Imports feature of show, The Gastonia Gazette, page 6-F
    • B: Auto Show Offers Rotary, Electric, Steam Engines, Fort Myers News-Press, page 9-A
    • C: Import-Dominated 16th Auto Show Features Various Eye-Openers, Albuquerque Journal, page C-8
  • [AP] April 3, 1972
    • A: Many New Models In Auto Show, The Troy Record, page 24
    • B: New Engines Dominate International Auto Show, Florida Today, page 10C
  • [AP] April 6, 1972
    • A: Odd Cars Displayed At Show, Florence Morning News, page 2-D
    • B: International Auto Show Opens, Pacific Daily News, page 19

Sport Coupe Demonstration in Bermuda

Located in Hamilton, Bermuda

Reported by Gordon Robinson of the Associated Press

Bermuda considers re-imposing ban (ending in 1947) on automobiles.

  • [AP] October 24, 1972 Electric Cars Are Being Considered for Bermuda, Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, page 2-D
  • [AP] October 25, 1972
    • A: Vanguard, Electric Vehicle, Finds Home, The Times Record, page 33
    • B: Bermuda’s pollution answer – electric cars, The Central New Jersey Home News, page 39
  • [AP] October 26, 1972
    • A: Electric cars may be answer to problem in Bermuda, Tucson Daily Citizen, page 55
    • B: Electric Cars Are Considered, The Daily Advertiser, page 15
    • C: Car has Bermuda buzzing, The Journal News, page 10C
    • D: Electric Cars For Bermuda, The Indiana Gazette, page 23
    • E: Bermuda Is Considering Electric Cars, The Times Herald, page 17
    • F: Electric Cars Considered, Tallahassee Democrat, page 15
    • G: Bermuda Considers Gasoline Car Ban, Lansing State Journal, page A-18
    • H: Vehicles jam highways, dirty the air in Bermuda, The Anniston Star, page 5B
    • I: Bermuda Studying Electric Cars to Combat Noise and Air Pollution, The South Bend Tribune, page 20
    • J: Bermuda Eyes Switch to 2-Seater Electric Cars, Lancaster New Era, page 31
    • K: Bermuda Eyes Electric Cars As Answer To Noise, Air Pollution Problems, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal page 10-A
    • L: Bermudans Considering Electric Car, Springfield Leader-Press, page 24
    • M: Once-careless Bermuda is testing electrics, The Herald-News, page 4
    • N: Bermuda Eyes Electric Cars To Combat Noise, Pollution, Orlando Evening Start, page 4-B
    • O: Bermuda Considering Ban On Gas-Run Automobiles, The Bee, page 27
    • P: Bermuda considers electrical cars to reduce air pollution, Greeley Tribune, page 20
    • Q: Balmy Bermuda fuming, The Herald Statesman, page 34
    • R: Electric Cars Tried In Bermuda, The News-Palladium, page 25
    • S: Bermuda Eyes Use of Electric Autos, St. Joseph News-Press, page 5A
  • [AP] October 27, 1972
    • A: Electric Cars Get Bermuda’s Eye, The Austin Statesman, page 51
    • B: Look for Electric Car, The Miami Herald, page 4-F
    • C: U.S. Electric Car Tested In Bermuda, page 14
  • [AP] October 28, 1972 Electric Cars May Solve Woes, The Odessa American, page 3A
  • [AP] October 29, 1972
    • A: Island Considering Electric Cars, The Lawton Constitution-Morning Press, page 2 E
    • B: Electric Cars Considered To Deter Noise, Pollution, Asbury Park Press, page D21
  • October 30, 1972 (A) ‘Nuts’: Electric Cars’ Biggest Fault, Darrel Eiland, The Miami Herald, page 2-B
  • [AP] October 30, 1972 (B) Bermuda Considers Electric Vehicles, The Munster Indiana Times, page 2D
  • [Adv.] October 31, 1972 Look for electric car, The Miami News, page 10
  • [Adv.] November 1, 1972 Electric Car Debuts At Auto Show, The Miami News, page 4-A
  • [AP] November 2, 1972
    • A: Bermuda Investigates Electric Cars, The San Bernardino County Sun, page B-16
    • B: Bermuda Considers Electric Vehicles, Detroit Free Press, page 16-c
    • C: Bermuda Considers use of electric vehicles, The Minneapolis Star, page 7B

South Florida Auto Show

November 5, 1972 at Miami Beach Convention Center

Robert Beaumont with his creation
Robert Beaumont with his creation wheels through downtown Tampa traffic
  • [AP] November 5, 1972
    • A: Consider Electric Cars to Cut Down Pollution, The Journal Times, page 11A
    • B: Beaumont Aids Bermudians, The Kingston Daily Freeman, page C6
    • C: Bermudians Consider Electric Car To Keep Island Free of Pollution, page 15D
  • [AP] November 7, 1972 Electric Autos Getting Test On Resort Island of Bermuda, The Miami Herald, page 3-A
  • November 10, 1972 Electric Car Is A Four-Eyed Non-Polluter For Short Trips, Dan Deibler, The Tampa Tribune, page 1-E
  • [AP] November 16, 1972 Electric cars considered, The Star-Phoenix, page 8
  • [AP] November 17, 1972 Car-Plagued Bermuda Testing Electric Autos, The Lost Angeles Times, page 6
  • [AP] November 18, 1972 Bermuda vs. traffic, Edmonton Journal, page 10
  • [AP] November 21, 1972 (A) Bermuda considering use of electric cars, The Leader-Post, page 23
  • November 21, 1972 (B) Too Late to Classify, Russell Kay, Playground Daily News, page 4
  • [AP] November 23, 1972 Bermuda Taking Look At Electric Autos, Dayton Daily News, page 15-A
  • [AP] December 8, 1972 Bermuda Looks At Electric Cars, Santa Cruz Sentinel, page 21

Order for 1,050 Vehicles

  • December 13, 1972 Vanguard Car… Off and Running, The Kingston Daily Freeman, page 9

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