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Police Department

National Night Out is next Tuesday. After picking up lunch at Popeyes, Teddy and I headed over to the new Front Royal police department in our CitiCar to pick up a little “Thin Blue Line” flag and a 3 watt blue light. Afterwards, we headed over to Chimney Field park.

The Blue Line flag and a blue light

I need to pick up a little inverter so I can use my bedside lamp with my car to power the light during their cruise for the event. I tried to see how to affix the flag to the car, or just put the flag itself on the radio antenna, but I wasn’t having much luck.

Red Button

Trip odometer button

In the movie, Spaceballs, Barf switched the Eagle 5 to use Secret Hyperjets on the Eagle 5 to go into hyperactive. Men in Black had a hyperdrive on their car. Hyperdrive mode was activated by a red button that allows you to drive on the ceiling of a tunnel to bypass traffic.

With a recommendation from the C-Car owners group, I swapped out the trip odometer button for a red one. It’s already been catching peoples attention quicker.

Little red trip odometer button for secret hyperjets

Door Windows

I talked a bit with my neighbor regarding the various windows on the vehicle. He repairs automotive glass, but nothing like what the CitiCar has. He had some insight regarding the blue tint on most vehicles, having a company get measurements in case the back window breaks, and what could be done about the side windows.

I called up a company he recommended. Their first response was that they don’t do curved auto-glass. They seemed pleased that I am able to pop out the side windows and bring them in. I’ll take them over later in the week. Hopefully they can pop out the acrylic panels from the frames.

Sliding windows popped out of CitiCar doors

Contactor Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket screws are too long

The wrong mounting hardware came with the Albright SW180 main contactor switch. The bolts were too long and could not tighten any further once they pressed against the solenoid. I found a bracket kit from Arc Components Limited located in West Yorkshire, England and had the parts imported.

Albright Bracket Kit Part No 2159-047

Main contactor switch secured onto Alltrax motor controller

The mounting hardware was perfect and looked fairly similar to the hardware used on the SW202 Forward/Reverse contactor switch.

Now that the contactor switch is secured, I can start modifying some steel brackets to affix the motor controller and FNR switches onto.

As a bonus, I got a little magnet from the company to put on my refrigerator.

Refrigerator magnet from Arc Components Limited, West Yorkshire, England

Lester Charger

I’ve been talking with tech support for the Lester Summit Series II charger regarding the egg smell, high voltage, large jump in SoC, and odd estimates being off by hours.

So far, things seem like it might be normal. Problems may be due to the age of the batteries, and that the batteries should wear in after a few charge cycles. I think the estimates being off by a factor of four may be due to the low number of amp hours the batteries have. The range that I have on the CitiCar also seems to be about a quarter of what it should have if it came with the proper batteries.

Here is the data from a charging cycle along with some visual graphs.

TimeEst MinAmpsAHVoltsSoCEstimatedActual
A high voltage applied to the 48v battery bank, and an odd 50% jump in SoC within a half hour
Graph indicating estimates are four times longer than actual charging time

Skyline Soccerplex

A lone CitiCar sits in an empty wet parking lot

It’s still raining today. The weather forecast is calling for thunder and showers over the next few days. The house was getting stuffy and my brain needed some fresh air. Teddy hopped in our car during my lunch break.

I wanted to go somewhere new. We hadn’t been over to the Skyline Soccerplex in months, and so our fate was set. This little car doesn’t do well in rain. I’m not sure if it’s the tires or the breaks, but I suspect it’s the breaks. They are either off, or on too hard without a smooth transition. I want to see if I can replace them with something easier to use.

We arrived at the Skyline Soccerplex. Hardly anyone was there. The parking lot was empty. I grabbed my umbrella out of the back and we were off.

Teddy looks toward the far distance

The Skyline Soccerplex has a skate-park and a playground with eight soccer fields. It’s built on top of the Avtex Fibers Superfund site in Front Royal, Virginia.

There wasn’t much to our little adventure. Teddy and a couple deer were having a staring contest until he started barking. They didn’t stick around for long and ran across a few soccer fields.

In all, our little walk around the loop was just under a mile. I was about to leave when I noticed the lights weren’t coming on. It was the fuse that I had just replaced last night. That task to investigate the cause is going to get a little more priority now.

Two deer running through Skyline Soccerplex

On the ride home, I started noticing a sound. I wasn’t sure if it was the tire, motor, or something in between. It was definitely something that was spinning, or being hit by said spiny thing. I also saw the hot motor indicator lamp finally, FINALLY! went out. I’m a bit curious as to why.

I heard the police behind me and saw some lights flashing. I pulled over, blood rushing, nervous, and relieved to see him rush past going after someone else.

Teddy and I got out of the car and made a new record of 9.2 miles. At 48.2v, I believe that’s about a 44% state of charge, and around 1.03 miles remaining. We may actually get this little car up to 10 miles one day. Perhaps one day we will make it all the way to the dog park. One can only dream.

Skyline Soccerplex1,
RatekWh9.85¢0.74 mph
Total 2.33 kWh23.7¢12:29
Per Mile 254 Wh2.6¢01:21