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Robert Gerald Beaumont – Founder/president, Sebring-Vanguard. Pitched his idea for mass producing electric automobiles to Detroit in 1967.

Robert Balfour Vice President and sales manager, Sebring-Vanguard… and Club Car?

Robert “Bob” M. Stone II – marketing manager, Vanguard & Sebring-Vanguard(#2-75). Also mentioned in 1974 September 23-27 Project Independence Blueprint Eighth Hearings. Miami, FL

Scott Linder – Vice Chairman of the board of Sebring-Vanguard

Larry McNeill – on Sebring Vanguard, Inc board of directors

Gil Forbes – Hiring layout draftsman at Sebring-vanguard (HR?)

Jim Muir – Designer of CitiCar

Frank Flowers – Comuta cars

Jerry Delaney – solve mechanical problems, Sebring-Vanguard (#2-75)

George Aldrich – solve mechanical problems, Sebring-Vanguard (#2-75)

Bob Sanders – Director of Operations, Seabring-Vanguard – Motor Trend, November 1976

Charles M. Roberts, president Selectric, dealer for Sebring-Vanguard, Incorporated. Filled in for Robert M. Stone II for Project Independence Blueprint Hearings.

Companies (are people too?)

Sebring Vanguard

Sebring Airport Industrial Park

First mass-produced electric car assembling plant in the country at an abandoned World War II airstrip outside of Sebring, Florida.

Initial Dealerships June 1974

4532 U.S. Highway 27
South Sebring, Florida 33870
(Now mobile home depot store)

1705 So. Clearwater-Largo Rd.
Clearwater, Florida 33516
(now a church?)

Boca Raton Auto Sales
60-98 North Dixie Highway
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
(Now residential neighborhood?)

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