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The Time Machine television listing from The Honolulu Advertiser, November 12, 1978, page 27
TitleThe Time Machine
AppearancesOn a trip to the future, the CitiCar is found on display in a museum as a relic from an ancient past.


Lathe of Heaven television listing in The Charlotte News, January 9, 1980, page 12A
TitleThe Lathe of Heaven
AiredJanuary 9, 1980, Wednesday night
AppearancesAn hour into the movie, a yellow Sebring Vanguard CitiVan is used to race on the highway.


Heartbeeps “Wanted” movie advertisement, The Miami Herald, December 25, 1981, Page 4D
TitleHeartbeeps (aka Heart Beeps, Heart Bleeps)
AppearancesA few Comuta-Cars along a street at night during a confrontation with Crimebuster deluxe.
Premiere of Computercide in “This Weeks Movie Guide” in The Republic, Columbus, Ind, July 31-Aug 6, 1982, Page 27
TitleComputercide: The Final Eye
YearFilmed 1977
AiredAugust 1, 1981, Sunday Night
TypeTV Movie. Pilot for proposed series.
SummaryPilot for a TV series, “main against computer” as a private eye when police and data processors label murder as an accidental death. It’s the future – 1995. A detective investigates a private island for people who want to live the perfect life, started by a man who has recently disappeared.
AppearancesThe inverted background images of the opening credits. Many can be seen among traffic as the detective leaves his home.
Late in the movie, one car is parked by a store while another car drives by.


House Party 2 – The Pajama Jam! Movie advertisement in the Courier-Post, NJ, page 2D Oct 25, 1991
CitiCar on campus
TitleHouse Party 2
SummaryA large pajama party is thrown to raise money after Kid’s college money was stolen.
AppearancesCar driven on campus by Stab, Pee-Wee and Zilla
Also appears in the movies trailer


“Who Killed The Electric Car?” movie listing in The Los Angeles Times, June 28, 2006, page G2
CitiCar photo of earlier EVs
TitleWho Killed The Electric Car?
AppearancesDemonstration of some earlier electric vehicles
Free screening of The Guatemalan Handshakes to locals, Public Opinion weekender, May 4, 2006, page 14
TitleThe Guatemalan Handshake
TypeComedy-Drama Film
AppearancesThe Comuta-Car itself becomes a character in the story as it is traded hands between various characters, and is featured often throughout the movie.
Rumors…A separate car was made specifically for the film that could float on water, but it sunk. The Comuta-Car was found in the local area from a car dealers back lot as a cheap replacement with a condition that the owner received a walk-on roll.
Notice It?The car is missing hubcaps on the passenger side.
SummaryThis charming movie is told from the point of view of a 10 year old girl – so things aren’t always what they seem to be. Her friend disappears after an odd electrical failure at the local power plant. The car he was driving is found and trades hands between various characters around town. The town is known for having demolition derbies in which some characters prepare to participate.

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