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Manuals, pamphlets, and miscellaneous documents.

Owners Manual

The CitiCar 1976 ½ Owners Manual.

Service Manual

Information for mechanics to maintain and repair CitiCar vehicles.

Wash & Wax Care

Care & maintenance of the CitiCar’s acrylic enamel finish.

Battery-Saver Caps

Reduce maintenance time and help maximize the life of your electric vehicle batteries!!! with Sebring-Vanguard battery-saver caps

Dealer Checklist

Checklist of electrical, brakes, differential, front suspension, optional equipment, batteries & controller, heater/defroster, and a final check.

Warranty Card

Insurance that the warranty of 6 months is registered by the manufacturer.

Consumer Info

Information on Acceleration and passing ability, vehicle stopping distance, and tire reserve load.

Specifications Q&A

A list of equipment, colors, optional equipment, warranty, specifications, and FAQ.


New product development. Cost effective controls for energy efficient living.

Business Card

A business card from a CitiCar Representative at Evans Motors

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