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1973 Newspapers

Mass Production Begins

Robert Beaumont is the president of Vanguard Vehicles, Inc. In with the new year, his company had just initiated the first mass production of an electric vehicle with a contract for 1,050 vehicles being built by Club Car, Inc. in Augusta, Georgia. Many newspapers carried the news provided by the associated press.

Boston Test Drive

Soon after Mr. Beaumont’s trip to Bermuda, he was demonstrating his Vanguard Sport Coupe on the streets within his home state of New York. He took the Vanguard over to a reporter at the Boston Globe for a test run.

The reporter took notice that although similar in operation compared to other electric car conversions, Roberts’ electric car was actually built from the ground up as an electric car to reduce weight, and is actually being manufactured.

The car was registered to drive on the streets legally, but couldn’t drive on freeways with a minimum speed of 40 mph. The car was so quiet that, both a perk and a criticism, you could sneak up on pedestrians.

Two weeks after the article was published, contact information for Mr. Beaumont was provided in a Q&A section.

65th Annual Chicago Auto Show

February 24 – March 4, 1973
Show hours from 11am – 11pm
McCormick Place, world’s largest exposition center
23rd Street and Lake Michigan at Chicago’s lake front

Robert Beaumont checks his car, the Vanguard Electric Vehicle

The Vanguard went on display at the Chicago Auto Show in McCormick Place, making about three sales each day at $1,986.

While there, James Mateja, an Auto Editor for the Chicago Tribune, was offered to go on a test drive. He half-expected Bob to renege due to the impact of near freezing weather on lead-acid batteries, but Robert showed up with resounding confidence in the cars ability to perform, and the reporter was able to get his story. Although advertised with a top speed of 28 mph, Mr. Mateja could only get the car to go up to 15 at the most – possibly due to the colds effect on the lead acid batteries.

By the end of February, 118 units had been sold since fall of 1972. At a current production rate of 20 vehicles per day. Beaumont envisioned Florida as a big market for electric cars and the ideal location with its flat terrain. Plans are in the works to build another assembly plant in Sebring, Florida to produce 10,000 units annually. The plant will be ready by early fall with up to 120 employees.

Meter Maids

The city of Fort Lauderdale had purchased the Vanguard Sport Coupe as a trial for meter maids to combat the price of gas and maintenance of ICE vehicles.

ICE Catalyst Critic

The EPA was cracking down on pollution emitted by ICE vehicles. The automotive industry was looking into catalysts, but it wasn’t much of a promising solution just yet to chemically alter the pollution, which drew the ire of critics, Robert W. Irvine. Mr. Irvine wrote an article that suggested multiple alternatives rather than using combustion that would be more cost effective, rather than “patching” the engine to reduce emissions. The Vanguard Sport Coup electric car was called out for being a positive solution to urban shopping, currently being produced at 24 a day with more than 2,000 orders on the books.


By March, Vanguard Motors has sold a total of 118 since fall of 1972. The Vanguard Electric Sport Coup sells for under $2,000. It is also known as the Vanguard II, and about 20 are built in a day in Augusta, Georgia. It touts a range of 40-60 miles. The vehicle was exhibited at the Chicago show. A plant is in the making in Florida with a goal production of 10,000 cars per year.

In June, Robert L. Balfour (VP at Club Car, Inc., Augusta, Georgia) signed a $1.8 million contract to go into mass production manufacturing electric vehicles for Vanguard Vehicles, Inc. (in Kingston, N.Y.). 50 prototype vehicles were already manufactured in the past three years, and they had a six month backlog of orders, resulting in building a new plant in Sebring Florida.

In December, Robert Beaumont (President of Sebring-Vanguard Corp.) owned the exclusive production rights on the car. The prototype models were about $8,000, but engineering costs were able to reduce the suggested list price for the CitiCar down to $1,968.

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