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Driving Log

A closeup of the Sebring-Vanguard 1976 CitiCar Speedometer

A log of small trips around the neighborhood in my little CitiCar.

kWhper mileWh per mile
July 11Maiden Voyage3.5135.6¢8.44.2¢417
July 14Ice Cream Run2.6226.6¢7.83.4¢336
July 15Gertrude Miller Park1.9720.0¢6.53.1¢303
July 16Radial Tire Upgrade1.5115.3¢4.73.3¢321
July 18Royal Excursion2.7127.5¢8.83.1¢308
July 25Downtown Expedition2.3724.1¢7.73.1¢308
July 26Custard Greenway2.0821.1¢7.22.9¢289
July 28Stock Radials1.3113.3¢4.72.8¢279
July 30Re-Fuse to Fix2.3223.6¢8.52.8¢273
July 31Skyline Soccerplex2.3323.7¢9.22.6¢254
August 20Gazebo Gatherings Summer Concert Series Season Finale2.3023.4¢8.72.7¢265
August 21One Hundred2.3523.9¢9.32.6¢253
August 26Custard Package Drop Off2.4625.0¢9.52.6¢259
August 29Two Aught2.2122.4¢7.82.9¢283
August 30Art Walk1.9219.5¢8.22.4¢234
Sep 2Popeyes & Gertrude1.5715.9¢6.62.4¢237
Sep 5Speedometer Test2.0120.4¢6.93.0¢291
Sep 8Pelican Break1.5816.0¢5.92.7¢267
Sep 9Gertrude Glasses1.5115.3¢5.92.6¢255
Sep 10Lions Park1.2913.1¢5.42.4¢239
Sep 11Chimney Field Park Tacos1.7517.8¢6.62.7¢266
Sep 12Eastham Park2.1922.2¢8.62.6¢254
Sep 13Gertrude Mc Donald’s1.9820.1¢8.52.4¢233
Total23 Trips47.85$4.86171.4
Driving Log
Statistics regarding energy and costs
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