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Restoration Logs


July 16Install Radial Tires
July 28Install stock tires
July 28Add 12v socket to accessory battery
Logs of maintenance performed on the CitiCar


Aug 1Remove motor for inspection
Aug 15Install radio antenna
Aug 17Reinstall motor
Aug 19Reinstall batteries
Aug 28Install TPMS
Aug 30Loosen window locks
Logs of maintenance performed on the CitiCar


Sep 5Install GPS Speedometer
Sep 11Remove charger
Sep 16Install throttle
Sep 17Remove speedometer cable
Sep 18Remove speedometer gear housing
Sep 18Replace turn signal switch
Fix high beams
Fix Self-canceling signals
Sep 19Install speedometer switch
Sep 22Install Lester battery charger
Sep 23Wire up speedometer switch
Add “Secret Hyperjets” label
Sep 25Replace power strip with
12 gauge extension splitter
Moved GPS antenna from dash
to under hood
Added additional 14 gauge wire to
support current from 12 gauge
Sep 28Change speedometer switch to red
Sep 29Remove door windows
Mount contactor switch to motor controller
Logs of maintenance performed on the CitiCar


Oct 2Install cup holders
Upgrade accessory battery charger
Oct 3Install motor controller, contactor switch,
motor reversing switch
Switch chargers input voltage to 240v
Oct 4Repair body cracks
Oct 5Install Battery Capacity Monitor
Oct 7Create/Install cable for motor
controller “M-” to SW202 “M-“
Oct 9Bend SW202 mounts over top of terminals
Oct 10Replace motor with D&D Motor Systems
Remove main fuse
Remove all motor and battery cables
Remove motor batteries
Modify D&D motor plate for air-intake attachment
Oct 11Change SW202 mounting to bend in
opposite direction as lower platforms
Flip direction of SW180 switch
Create wire from motor A1
to Motor Controller M-
Oct 12Remove 48v charger
Remove 12v charger
Remove J-1772 step-down converter
Remove vent hose from motor to duct
Wire up motor controller switch
to prevent power to contactor
Wire up main contactor coils
to motor controller
Remove previously installed
temporary volt meter
Label and wire up part of 48v relays
for SW202 switch
Cut nubs off of some Lithium Ion batteries
Remove three original wires for
volt meter and charger from battery box
and part of undercarriage
Logs of maintenance performed on the CitiCar


Nov 3Change shifter diodes from 1A to 3A (1N5408)
Nov 4Smaller 4.8mm female connector on potbox
Logs of maintenance performed on the CitiCar

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