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Maintenance Videos

Restoration Projects

AltWheels: Electric Comuta-Car/Duxbury
Electric Car Start directors cut “Part 1 of 2”
Electric Car Start directors cut “Part 2 of 2”
Episode 1 : CitiCar Breakdown
S/V 1977 CitiVan (Citicar) – Exploring the 12v sidevoltage
S/V 1977 CitiVan (Citicar) – Trying to open the dashdashboard
Oliver: 2019 Gap Year Capstones
The Comuta-Car Project Final


Citicar repairStereo, headlights, breaks
Citicar breaks downMotor
Comuta Car Motor InstallationMotor
Comuta Car Brake RepairBrakes
CitiCar front brake conversionBrakes
Direct Solar Charging an Electric CarCharger
J1772 to 220v / 240v converter, charge any battery using a public charger! CitiCarCharging
Charging the CitiCar Using J1772Charging
Citicar – Terrell Differential RebuildDifferential
Quick LimeEV / ComutaCar Battery Update- Let’s Go Get More SPIM08HP Cells!Batteries
How have my SPIM08HP cells held up over the summer?Batteries
Dave’s Citicar – Alltrax Controller test for sebring citicar
Alltrax Motor and and throttle test for my Sebring Citicar.
Motor Controller
Dave’s Citicar update – Electric Car Up in SmokeCharging
1977_Citicar_accelerator.mp4Pot Box
Alltrax Speed Controller InstallationMotor Controller
Removing the Steering Wheel.wmvSteering Wheel
GE Motor Brush Install and Run In.wmvMotor
Brush Burnout.wmvMotor
Plastic Repair.wmvBody
Series Motor OperationMotor
Series Motor Stress DemoMotor
Electric Car Field Weakening ExperimentMotor
SkyRC iMAX B6 ACV2 Unboxing / Basic Walkthrough
Testing SPIM08HP batteries from BatteryHookup- Part 1
SPIM08HP Part 2
Installing the Chevy Volt batteries into the CitiCarBatteries
Series Motor FR Switching.mpgContactor

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