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Driving Videos

1980 Comuta Car First Drive
Bev Stone drives Comutacar
1976 All Electric Car, CitiCar Test Drive
Yes electric cars do make that cool noise
Comuta-Car first drive
electro metro vs citicar
The first successful round trip made in my 74 Citicar.
Parking the Comuta Car
Comuta-Van Driving By
Citicar runs the barrels
Citicar Cruise to Bob’s
Citicar drag heat one
Citicar drag heat two
Mark’s CommutaCar First Test Run
Citicar Ride Along 1
1981 Comuta-Car Museum Piece for Sale
My Comutacar, out for a Joy Ride
1976 citicar – 2009 1st drive
1975 Citicar
Citicar Night Flight
Comuta-Van Preview #2
drivin the citicar in the rain
Citicar 1976
Citicar drives again! #FridgeBot
Citicar 1975 #FridgeBot 1
Citicar 1975 #FridgeBot 2
Citicar 1975 #FridgeBot 3
Citicar 1975 #FridgeBot 4
Citicar drives again – Team FridgeBot 5084
FridgeBot Video
citicar test run
CitiCar walk around p3
CitiCar walk around p4
CitiCar walk around p5
CitiCar walk around p6
Citi Car Testing
Carmen Electric
Dave’s Citicar First Drive with Lucian
The CitiCar, The Forgotten Electric Car of the 70’s, lets take a joy drive!
citicars video 007
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