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The Chez syndicated on various EV websites

Charles Morris spotted of video of The Chez during its first use of a public charging station last year. At the time, the CitiCar was using a few trickle chargers when it still had lead acid batteries. Since it was parked next to a Tesla, it caught a lot of attention. They posted an article about CitiCar’s in general and and embedded my video to show that “a few may even be plying the roads somewhere.” (C. Morris, 2021) on EVANNEX®, which in turn was picked up and syndicated on both CleanTechnica and InsideEVs.

My Video on YouTube

CitiCar at EV charging station, Lewis Moten, September 15, 2020
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TitleCitiCar at EV charging station
AuthorLewis Moten
DateSeptember 15, 2020
LocationTesla Destination Charger, Front Roya, Virginia


Charles Morris, EVANNEX®, September 30, 2021
TitleLong before Tesla, there was another legendary electric car back in the 1970s
News SectionTesla
TagsCitiCar, Electric Vehicles, Tesla
AuthorCharles Morris
DateSeptember 30, 2021
SourcesThe Next Web, Classic Car History


Charles Morris, CleanTechnica, September 30, 2021
TitleThe Legendary Electric Car From The 1970s That Lead US Electric Car Sales Until Tesla Came Along
SubtitleHere’s some good electric classic car history for you.
AuthorCharles Morris (Guest Contributor)
DateSeptember 30, 2021
Originally PostedEVANNEX


CitiCar “The Chez” featured on InsideEVs, Charles Morris, September 30, 2021
TitleLong Before Tesla, In The 1970s, There Was Another Legendary EV
SubtitleYes, EVs date back much further than some people realize.
AuthorCharles Morris
DateSeptember 30, 2021 at 9:27am ET
Originally PostedEVANNEX


A little History

Robert G. Beaumont and the Vanguard II Sport Coupe

I’ve been digging into the history of Robert G. Beaumont and the CitiCar over the past few days. You’ll notice that the side-links on this site now show a link for the Vanguard I Utility Vehicle, and the Vanguard II Sport Coupe. You’ll also notice that I’m separating newspapers by year. They still need a bit of work, but I’m finding bits and pieces little by little, and trying to write up a summary of what I find. I’m in the middle of looking up newspaper articles from ’74.

Highlights & Hot Sauce

Not much news regarding the CitiCar. Here are a few highlights

  • The AiLi capacity meter continues to keep resetting. The additional voltage meter has been very helpful as a backup solution to calculate SoC based on voltage.
  • To charge from the sun, I need an inverter that can deliver 1800 watts to an outlet. It appears that I would be spending at least $500 for a cheap inverter – but it would be suspect if a single outlet could deliver 15 amps.
  • I’ve replaced the light bulbs in my garage.
  • I’m starting to clean up the garage.
  • I was able to get the speed of the new motor up to 31 mph.
  • I topped off the differential fluid.
  • The motor has been making an odd sound when you are at 30 mph and press the throttle.
  • I started to dream up ideas of how to setup field weakening with a contact switch and my old 1st gear nichrome resistor between the S1/S2 terminals. I want to store it in a box that looks like a flux capacitor, while also being able to manually adjust the resistance.
  • I ordered a 4 pole switch so I could disable the original contactors from activating.
  • I ordered a motorcycle speedometer that detects how fast a wheel is spinning with magnets.
  • I ordered a speed sensor to detect how fast the motors armature is spinning.
  • I’m debating on setting up an Arduino with addressable RGB lights throughout the car to light up various parts of the car, and have a feature to change light/colors with music. I’ve use a RGB light strip before with a 16×16 pixel light box.
  • I’m planning on tracing each wire throughout the car to all of the lights and switches, and potentially replacing them this weekend.
  • I want to have a status light come on when the vehicle is plugged in and charging.
  • I want to disable the car from moving when charging / plugged in.
  • I want to be able to disable the car from charging past a specific battery state of charge.

In other news

The majority of this evening was using the hot peppers from my garden to make hot sauce. Enjoy.

Garden Update 34: Hot Sauce

Life happens

Things are a bit exhausting as of late with life. After hitting a loss of 100 pounds, I’ve put 10 pounds back on. One of my neighbors was able to fix one of my cars, so now I’m able to go further than five miles from home now. Work is work, but work gets done.

I couldn’t find my glasses the other day, so I dug out a spare set and drove to the park, only to find my glasses that I had left under a tree during my last visit. So… stress and exhaustion somehow play a mix into life.

So on with the car news.

I was able to wire up the motor and spin it using the controller. In addition, I was able to wire up the SW202 switches for both forward and reverse. Some diodes arrived so that I can wire up the throttle switch for both positions without activating both switches at once, but I haven’t put them in-line yet.

I’ve been having a pretty bad time crimping with heat shrink terminals. I suspect its the ratcheting crimping tool that I am using. It said it was for heat shrink, but I’m having my doubts. I’m looking for a better tool to do the job as well as a ton more terminals.

I’ve been on a few trips recently. The latest trip was 239 wH/mile and was recharging the car at 0.92 miles per hour. I found that I could shave off a half mile when traveling to Gertrude Miller Park if I just park at Lions Community Park instead. The two parks are side-by-side, and I usually walk between the two on my visits. While driving, it doesn’t seem all that far, but a half mile shaved off the trip lets me finish recharging a half hour earlier.

I’ve got everything. Almost everything. I’m still waiting on the battery monitor.

Other than that, it’s been a lot of planning, trying to wrap my head around the wiring. I’ve got two different voltages that I’m hooking up in the system. I’ve learned a bit about relays and diodes, and worked out how to let certain things still operate such as blinker lights and the radio without the key.

Besides relays, part of the trick is to use switches that can support two separate circuits. I keep ordering the wrong switch for the gear shift. I first got an ON/ON switch and realized it didn’t have an off position for “neutral”. After that, I got an ON-off-ON switch, but didn’t realize it was a momentary switch. Hopefully, the third time will be what I need.

Here is the initial setup I’m thinking about along with notes of what is going on in this mess.

Catching Up

Quite a lot has been happening with the CitiCar and life in general. Let’s catch up.

First – all of the major components have arrived to modernize the cars motor. This is what I have:

4 Chevy Volt Battery Modules
48 volts, 50 AH each
Lithium battery chargerDC-2-DC
48v to 12v
5 amp and 20 amp
Fuse blocks
12v and 48v systems
GPS SpeedometerMotor
Alltrax Motor ControllerFuseMain Contractor Switch
Forward & Reverse SwitchBattery cut-off switchBMS for each battery module

In addition to that, I’ve been purchasing tools, wires, terminals, and more. I’m waiting for a part that would let me connect a public charging station to the cars onboard charger.

This weekend I’ve installed a GPS speedometer. The new motor does not have a shaft for the original speedometer cable, and it doesn’t have any way to sense how fast the motor is spinning. I’ve seen others use a GPS speedometer with the upgrade. The standard size requires a 3 and 3/8 inch hole. The stock speedometer is much smaller. With the new technology comes a feature to swap between total miles driven, and a trip odometer. I still need to drill a hole and wire up the button – if I can find it.

The body has lots of small cracks. They aren’t all that noticeable. I’m uncertain if they were there when I purchased the car, or if they are growing over time. A plastifix kit has arrived to help patch it up.

Two magazines have arrived with articles in them about the CitiCar in the 70’s.