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A new car

The first time I saw The Chez in person was on new years day, January 1, 2020 at Burtons Automotive in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I walked away and thought about it for a while. A week later, I was sitting in my new CitiCar.

It looks pretty good for its age. I was told that it was sitting under some blankets for years in a sandblasting shop. I received lots of the original paperwork, and the car was delivered later that week after the snow cleared.

Antique plates allow seven characters. I started thinking about a few names. I settled on “The Chez” as a funny way of spelling “Cheese” and often used in the 70’s. It’s also French, meaning “at the home of” in a humorous way. I felt at the home of my cheese mobile.

Here is a little walk around my antique electric vehicle that just arrived. It is a 1976 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar. It is often referred to as “1976 1/2” or “Transitional”. It is one of the last ones that came off the line before Comuta Cars were made.