DC/DC Toggle Switch

5A Buck Converter
LED Power Toggle Switch

I’ve been receiving more products in the mail lately and figured I had better start experimenting with them before I get overwhelmed with too many things. Tonight I decided to learn how to wire up a switch to my DC-to-DC converters and light up the LED within it using the 12 volt output.

Bench Power Supply

I had quite a few adventures trying to get it setup with the buckey converter first using a bench power supply. I had experimented previously setting up the buck converter in my car after replacing some fused, but without a switch. I took it one step at a time.

  • Light up the LED with 12 volts from the bench power.
  • Light up the LED with the buck converter.
  • Turn the voltage regulator on and off with the button.
30 Amp Step down converter

I made a few mistakes, but I was able to get it working in the end. The buck transformer is only setup to deliver 5 amps over 12 volts, for a total of 60 watts. The next test was to try out a DC-to-DC step down converter capable of 30 amps over 12 volts as 360 watts. This converter was a bit special since it had a wire for a key switch.

It has a minimum of 48 volts that it will work with. My bench supply only delivers a maximum of 32 volts. The rest of my adventures were out in the garage wiring it up to my cars batteries.

I had a very difficult time with the instructions. There were two main issues that held me up. The one that held me up the most was the diagram of the key switch leading to the 12 volt output supply with yellow and black wires. The written instructions were a bit off as well regarding wire thicknesses. The actual wire harness did not match the photo on the instructions regarding red wire sizes relative to each other.

I made a few corrections and posted them here as a reference for anyone else who may be considering this device, or have already purchased it and are just going nuts trying to figure it out.

Pro Chaser DC-DC Step Down Power Converter
Corrected diagram with notes

For your viewing pleasure, watch me as I tried to figure this out.

Join me on my little lab experiments. I’m setting up a system to support stepping power down from 48 volts to 12 volts with a switch that lights up. Initially using a buck converter, progressing to a converter with a key switch. These are usually used for boats, golf carts, small solar batter banks, etc. I’m using this for my tiny electric CitiCar.

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