Popular Science Mechanics

Popular Mechanics July 1974 cover

Today I received a Popular Mechanics magazine from July 1974 with a five page article for the CitiCar. I did a bit more research and found another magazine in the archives. I found a used copy of Popular Science for June 1975 (page 61-63) and made a purchase.

An adjustable angle antenna arrived for the car. I’ve already been successful installing another, so it’s not needed now.

Lots of critical components to replacing the power train are about to arrive by the end of next week.

  • Chevy Volt Battery Module Charger – Monday
  • Two Chevy Volt Batteries 48 volts, 50 amp hours – Monday
  • Two Bluetooth BMS – Monday (same package as batteries)
  • Replacement Portable EVSE – Saturday

Things to be shipped soon

  • ZERO J1772 adapter from Tucsan EV – pinged for a status update
  • New motor from D & D Motor Systems – any day ready to be shipped
  • Forward & Reverse switch – tracking label created…

After two months of researching and gathering parts, I’m getting a bit excited that I’ll be able to start testing things soon.

I think the main parts left for research are battery cables (make my own or purchase?), wiring harness, and a good set of tools for crimping.


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