Highlights & Hot Sauce

Not much news regarding the CitiCar. Here are a few highlights

  • The AiLi capacity meter continues to keep resetting. The additional voltage meter has been very helpful as a backup solution to calculate SoC based on voltage.
  • To charge from the sun, I need an inverter that can deliver 1800 watts to an outlet. It appears that I would be spending at least $500 for a cheap inverter – but it would be suspect if a single outlet could deliver 15 amps.
  • I’ve replaced the light bulbs in my garage.
  • I’m starting to clean up the garage.
  • I was able to get the speed of the new motor up to 31 mph.
  • I topped off the differential fluid.
  • The motor has been making an odd sound when you are at 30 mph and press the throttle.
  • I started to dream up ideas of how to setup field weakening with a contact switch and my old 1st gear nichrome resistor between the S1/S2 terminals. I want to store it in a box that looks like a flux capacitor, while also being able to manually adjust the resistance.
  • I ordered a 4 pole switch so I could disable the original contactors from activating.
  • I ordered a motorcycle speedometer that detects how fast a wheel is spinning with magnets.
  • I ordered a speed sensor to detect how fast the motors armature is spinning.
  • I’m debating on setting up an Arduino with addressable RGB lights throughout the car to light up various parts of the car, and have a feature to change light/colors with music. I’ve use a RGB light strip before with a 16×16 pixel light box.
  • I’m planning on tracing each wire throughout the car to all of the lights and switches, and potentially replacing them this weekend.
  • I want to have a status light come on when the vehicle is plugged in and charging.
  • I want to disable the car from moving when charging / plugged in.
  • I want to be able to disable the car from charging past a specific battery state of charge.

In other news

The majority of this evening was using the hot peppers from my garden to make hot sauce. Enjoy.

Garden Update 34: Hot Sauce

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