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Motor Trend March 1975

MagazineMotor Trend
DateMarch 1975
SubtitleA State of the Art report and a most unusual road test of some Electric Vehicles
AuthorJohn Pashdag
Pages60-63, 108

This car magazine from 1975 was found to contain an article about the Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar, as well as the Elcar. The cars were taken for a test drive at the Orange County Raceway.

They start off the article with a brief history of electric and steam powered cars and smog. With availability of electric cars on the market, there are frustrations with many motor companies and private individuals creating some vehicles, but with limited financing to manufacture, continued delays, or exorbitant prices for batteries. He sums it up as “Much talk; little action.”

Mr. Pashdag ends up looking at electric passenger cars that are in current production that you can buy from a dealer, and finds both the CitiCar and Elcar. His opinion of each cars appearance does not appear to be favorable, and he was reluctant to drive due to concerns about safety.

Testing handling such as the brakes, speed, and suspension are done on a race track. A short drive on the road for lunch resulted in the CitiCar sparking and losing it’s ability to travel on the highest speed.

In conclusion, the author determined it would not be a car to buy due to its high price, safety concerns, and ability to drive heavy traffic. He also was concerned that most power plants were still burning fuel oil or coal, resulting in pollution.

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