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Motor Trend November 1976

MagazineMotor Trend
DateNovember 1976
SubtitleHave you heard the one about the Voltswagen?
AuthorMike Knepper
Motor Trend November 1976

The CitiCar was taken out for a test drive. The author notices signs that they are starting to lose power before the car has driven the full range that was in the cars specifications. Range anxiety sets in with a race to get home. The batteries were drained just before they arrived home. To his embarrassment, his wife shows up with a gas powered vehicle to tow the electric car home.

There is mention of a previous article written in a past issue of Motor Trend March 1975. They attest to the resolve of Sebring-Vanguard with the improvements made since the previous article was written. The car wasn’t perfect, but it was fun.

The article goes over a description of the parts of a CitiCar such as the batteries, steering, brakes, motor, and differential. They mention that the cars speed is based on different voltages supplied to the motor, controlled by three solenoids. It is determined that the suspension has no effect.

He goes on about the appearance attracting attention as being either cute or ugly, and styled for efficiency. The dashboard is described as a study in simplicity with everything labeled and a voltmeter instead of a fuel gauge.

The writers positive impression was negated by the construction quality at a high price. Other things left a negative impression such as the appearance of the head light backing, how the seats were secured, and the removable side windows.

Staring the car was a bit awkward compared to a gas vehicle, and they almost crashed into another car on the dealers lot. They had problems with the breaks as well, steering right to go strait during deceleration. However, he found that he was often happy driving the car. Although they have concerns regarding the construction, price, and style, the author says the car makes sense and will be fun.

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